From walking to running in high heels boots – HD2

Clip Time: 14 Minutes Clip Size: 1019/mb
From walking to running in high heels boots - HD2

Dressed with my totally extreme Hooker outfit to go out for a public walk at the park because Alicia received her new paire of suede boots from 1969 in leather. She was very enthousiast to show her first paire of boots the her fans! I know why, these boots are AWESOME! I want them for me too :) She wear them with a leatherloook legging and I’m wearing fishnet tights with a micromicroshort and my jacket with big raccoon fur collar and 1969 boots with 17cm heel and zip in the back.We sit down on, to pose and show the boots and play with them in front of the camera, where I decided to stand up to touch her boots and even KISS her boots because of its great softness! I was excited because of its softness. I begin to kiss her, where people could see us, and the cameras around too :) Then we continue our walk, and on one moment, I tell her to do a race in boots, the first arrived at the end of the street. The one who lose, has to lick the pussy of the other one :) that’s a deal no. So I let her win lol :)

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