Rockell Starbux in Leather Jacket, Gloves & Boots

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 278/mb
Rockell Starbux in Leather Jacket, Gloves & Boots

This was a request from a long-time fan of ours for Rockell Starbux to do an ‘in-your-face’ boot worship video. She does a lot of crossing/uncrossing her legs, stretching her legs out so you can almost lick the boots and rubbing her leather gloves over her legs, boots and jacket. She doesn’t say much of anything, by request, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t tease you into squirming and wanting to lick the soles of her boots. There was also a piece of fuzz stuck to her heel the whole video that acted almost as a lure for you to grab hold of with your tongue.

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