Which Boots Should I Wear Tonight?

Clip Time: 16 Minutes Clip Size: 790/mb
Which Boots Should I Wear Tonight?

I’m going out tonight and I need a pathetic high heel boot lovers pathetic opinion. Help me choose which boots should grace my gorgeous feet and legs. Can you handle that? Or will you spill your load before we get to the 4th pair? It’s a good thing I have a date coming over, a real man, who can finish the job for me AFTER I’ve tried on all the pairs I’ve selected for tonight. I figured you weren’t capable of giving me a nice healthy load of man filth all over my final choice so I had a real man jerk off on them and give me what I need to satisfy me before going out. Pathetic loser. You call yourself a boot worshipper? Ha! Now get lost, I have a date to go on.

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